The 4 Best Quickdraws for Sport Climbing + Buying Guide

Quickdraws are one of the most important accessories in climbing. Simply put, the Quickdraw refers to the connecting piece between the rope and the hook in the wall.  But every quickdraw is different. There are many different types and also the materials are different.  Here are the best quickdraws for … Read more

👉 The Best Climbing Harness for Beginners + Buying Guide

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When to Resole Climbing Shoes – Complete Guide

Climbing shoes wear out quickly. But a new purchase is not always necessary. You can also have your climbing shoes resoled. It’s worth it in many cases.  The short answer to when you should resole your climbing shoes is that there is no time X when you should resole. It … Read more

The 4 Best Harnesses For Sport Climbing – Plus Buying Guide

Are you looking for a replacement for your worn out old harness? Or do you as a beginner want to find the right harness for sport climbing?  When choosing a suitable climbing harness, you can choose between a complete climbing harness and a hip harness. For sport climbing, a simple … Read more

🏆 Best Multi Pitch Climbing Shoes – Full Guide

In the mountains, certain characteristics are extremely important when climbing. You need a lot of endurance and strength as well as precision and concentration, especially on multi-pitch climbing routes. In addition to the well-adapted and high-quality equipment, you also need the right climbing shoes. The choice of suitable footwear is … Read more

What size of climbing shoes should I buy? 👉 Full Guide

Anyone who does sports always needs the right footwear in addition to the right clothing. Especially for those who are active in climbing, the right climbing shoes play a decisive role, because they give the climber, in combination with his hands, a secure hold.  The short answer to the question … Read more

How Much Weight & Falls Can A Rock Climbing Rope Hold?

This question sounds simple. But it is not, because the answer must point to limiting factors.  People’s lives are hanging on the climbing rope. Irrespective of their body weight, parameters such as rope thickness, rope age, wear and tear, number of falls caught and improper use determine how much weight … Read more

Do You Need Climbing Shoes For Bouldering? + Buying Guide

If you want to boulder for the first time, you will find that this is very difficult with normal shoes. In many gyms, this is even forbidden.  It is important not to save money on the right shoes. But what features are important in a good climbing shoe for bouldering? … Read more

How to Get Better at Rock Climbing? Pro Tipps and Training

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🥇 The Best Carabiner for a Grigri or Grigri+ Belay Device

Every climber knows that good and strong carabiners are essential. It is therefore always amazing how many mistakes are made when choosing and using carabiners. Only with correct use and a suitable choice can a carabiner have the high breaking load that is expected of it. If you use your … Read more