Ice Climbing Gear: Must Have Equipment | List & Guide

Specialized discipline, sport, recreational fun: ice climbing can take on many roles and also releases many feelings. A tremendous adrenaline rush can be found here as well as the feeling of freedom. Climbing on ice formations of breathtaking mountains and glaciers, you can also feel directly connected with nature. No … Read more

Best Solo Rock Climbing Shoes | List & Guide

Today’s climbing shoes have existed for 40 years. Even if much has changed over time. If you want to go solo climbing, you need the right footwear, but above all suitable buying advice.  So that it does not come to the wrong purchase in the unmanageable huge selection, we want … Read more

Petzl Noctilight Review – The Transforming Headlamp/Lantern

On tour, you’re grateful for any free space in your backpack. That’s why outdoor and mountain sports equipment manufacturers like to bring combi devices onto the market that save space, make your bags more manageable and are practical. We’ll introduce you to one such device today.  It is a protective … Read more

Petzl Actik vs. Actik Core | Complete Comparison Guide

Who doesn’t know it? The planned tour drags on longer than expected. Especially in autumn and spring, darkness can quickly take you by surprise. Also other suddenly occurring poor visibility conditions are not to be underestimated.  To be able to complete the tour safely, you need a powerful headlamp. If … Read more

Roped Solo Climbing – The Basics, Equipment, Mindset & Tips

Solo climbing is first of all a hobby that combines numerous positive aspects: You are out in the fresh air, unless you are climbing indoors, and you are physically active. In the process, you use all the muscles that are quickly underutilized in everyday life. In addition, you strengthen your … Read more

GriGri vs. ATC | The Ultimate Belay Device Showdown!

GriGri* from Petzl and ATC* from Black Diamond are both belay buckles designed for climbers, but which is the more effective belay device?  This question is not so easy to answer, because both fuses have their advantages and disadvantages as well as preferred areas of application. In the following article, … Read more

Petzl Sequoia vs. Treemotion | Complete Comparison Guide

For arborists and other professional workers in nature, the right protective equipment such as a climbing harness is indispensable. But the market is huge, so it is often difficult to keep track of which product is really good and meets your needs.  In the following, we will therefore compare the … Read more

Petzl Tikka vs Tikkina vs Actik: Best Uses & Differences

There are different fields of application for headlamps*. For example, they are used for simple household use such as searching at night or as reading lamps, for late-night walks or jogging in the dark and, of course, professional outdoor headlamps for camping and hiking trips.  In the following guide, three … Read more

Totem Cam vs. Camalot – Which Cam Should You Choose?

The invention of cams was a groundbreaking innovation in climbing – from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. Although high-quality ropes, harnesses and friction climbing shoes had long been available, cams were completely new on the market. It was the time when clean climbing became popular in the USA. … Read more

Black Diamond ATC Guide vs. Petzl Reverso 4 – Comparison

Which is the better belay device? We compare the ATC Guide* of the manufacturer Black Diamond with the Reverso 4* of the manufacturer Petzl.  We have divided the criteria of what makes a good belay device into blocking support, safety reserve, operation to release the rope, operation to release, handling … Read more