Petzl Sequoia vs. Treemotion | Complete Comparison Guide

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For arborists and other professional workers in nature, the right protective equipment such as a climbing harness is indispensable. But the market is huge, so it is often difficult to keep track of which product is really good and meets your needs. 

In the following, we will therefore compare the Sequoia* climbing harness from Petzl and the treeMOTION* from Teufelberger. This will show which model is best suited for which user.

Petzl Sequoia 

The German company Petzl specializes in the development of products for working in vertical terrain and thus also launched the Sequoia* sit and hold harness. The harness has been developed primarily for arboriculture and is suitable for ascending on a double rope.

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General data on the belt Sequoia

The Sequoia from Petzl is available in three different sizes, making it equally suitable for users with different body types. Size 0 is recommended for people with a waist circumference of 65-80 cm, size 1 is designed for users with a waist of 70-93 cm and size 3 is suitable for a waist circumference of 83-120 cm. 

The weight of the harness decides of course depending on the size, but is between 1480 and 1600 g. The Sequoia is available in the color black-yellow and the manufacturer Petzl offers you a three-year warranty. In addition, Petzl has numerous additional materials and extensions for the Sequoia in the assortment. 


For maximum comfort while wearing, the Sequoia’s leg loops and waist belt are semi-rigid and extra wide. Thus, they provide a good grip. The loops and the hip belt are padded with a breathable foam and pre-shaped. So you can expect a comfortable fit even when hanging freely. On the hip belt is a FAST buckle, which can be opened and closed automatically and even with gloves uncomplicated.

To prevent you from accidentally opening the harness while working, the leg loops have an unlocking system.

Thanks to two fastening eyelets that can be screwed on, you can also hang various lanyards (for example Zillon or Microflip) or even several fixed or adjustable rope bridges. It is also possible to connect other accessories to the rope bridge. The rope bridge itself as well as the mobile lateral retaining lugs allow you a great freedom of movement to the side during work. 

You can easily adjust the height of the rope bridge with the doubleback buckles, so you can take a comfortable position while working. These buckles are also secured against unintentional opening by a plastic cover. The possibility of attaching a seat board also ensures a high level of working comfort.

Transport and handling of work equipment

So that you always have everything at hand during your work high up in the air, the Sequoia from Petzl has numerous devices for your materials and tools. On the harness, there are a total of nine sheathed preformed gear loops and five attachments for the Caritool tool holders. In addition, there are also two devices for carabiners, so you can even transport a hand saw or chainsaw on the harness. An emergency bag can also be attached to the elastic strap of the harness.


  • Available in three different sizes
  • the belt looks simple and clear
  • lightweight, which does not affect the work
  • the central belt can be changed
  • in general, many individual adjustments can be made for the perfect fit using patented rings


  • only available in one color
  • Loops may need to be tightened during use if they become loose

Teufelberger treeMOTION 

The treeMotion* from the German family-owned company Teufelberger has also been developed specially for tree care and stands for a high level of comfort and safety. It has already been on the market for more than ten years.

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General data on the treeMOTION

The treeMotion tree care harness from Teufelberger is available in one size and is suitable for people weighing up to 150kg and with a hip circumference between 76 and 91cm. The harness is black with green and red details and weighs 2.3kg. The manufacturer Teufelberger also offers various accessories to match the belt. These include, for example, a matching chest strap.


The treeMotion has a comfort back pad with wide creases as standard. These ensure that the heat is transported away and the upholstery of the belt lies wrinkle-free on the body. Thanks to the special padding in the middle, your lumbar area in particular has additional support in the harness. The processing of the treeMOTION ensures a high freedom of movement and that you can assume a comfortable working position. 

The loads are distributed very well in the treeMOTION, as you can adjust the load-bearing webbing in several stages to adjust the load on your hips or legs. The leg loops of this model are also padded, so they won’t cut you while you’re working in the air. Thanks to the quick-release buckles for the leg and waist straps, all buckles can be opened easily and even with gloves on. All wear parts of the treeMOTION can be replaced if necessary.

Transport and handling of working materials

You can easily carry and transport your work materials in the treeMOTION tree care harness from Teufelberger. The harness has individual material loops and a holder for a rescue kit. The arrangement of the material loops can be freely selected. There are rings on both sides to which you can attach a chainsaw. The colors of the PPE and material loops are chosen differently so that you do not confuse them. At both ends of the rope bridge are also attached safety seams for your safety.


  • has UV-resistant seams that do not lose their stability even in strong constant sunlight.
  • the wearing parts of the belt can be replaced, so the full life of the product can be used.
  • high quality workmanship and material
  • offers a lot of freedom of movement
  • the belt allows very precise alignment


  • High price
  • Available in one size only: not suitable for particularly stocky or heavy people

The Two Belts in Direct Comparison

The two tree care harnesses Sequoia* from Petzl and the treeMotion* from Teufelberger both offer very good quality and workmanship as well as numerous safety mechanisms. Both models offer the possibility to transport (work) material and have padded hip and leg loops, which allows for a high level of comfort while working on the tree. 

Both the Sequoia and the treeMotion can be individually adjusted and allow good freedom of movement. In terms of price, the harnesses differ relatively strongly. The Sequoia is considerably cheaper than the treeMotion. On the other hand, the treeMotion seems to be a bit more robust and to offer a very long service life, since all wear parts can be replaced in this model.

More Info

Both the Sequoia and the treeMotion were developed by their manufacturers specifically for tree care. Therefore, it is recommended to use these harnesses exclusively for these activities. Otherwise, complete safety cannot be guaranteed. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. Teufelberger, for example, recommends rinsing the buckle of the treeMotion with lukewarm water after each use and rubbing it with a care product such as WD-40 after drying.

Related Questions

Where are the two tree care harnesses available? 

The Sequoia and the treeMotion are available in specialized stores and from various online retailers. It is often possible to see where the belt can be purchased from the manufacturers.

Are the Sequoia and the treeMotion also suitable for climbing? 

These two harnesses are specially designed for use during arboriculture. Therefore, for climbing on the mountain or in the hall, special climbing harnesses should be used.

Is it possible to test the belts before buying? 

Many online retailers offer the possibility to test a tree care harness and possibly send it back if it does not fit or if you do not like it. In the specialized trade, the belts can be tried on and tested anyway without any problems.

Conclusion – Which of the Two Belts is Better?

The two tree care harnesses Sequoia* from Petzl and the treeMotion* from Teufelberger are both good and reliable products that allow you to work comfortably on the tree. If a particularly precise adjustment and individual size are important to you, the Sequoia is recommended, as it is available in three different sizes and can be adjusted in all areas. 

This model is also suitable for the smaller purse, as it is relatively inexpensive for a tree care harness. However, if you are particularly exposed to the sun while working on the tree, the extremely UV-resistant treeMotion is recommended. This model also scores with its long service life, as all wear parts can be replaced without any problems. This means that the slightly higher price of the treeMotion will probably pay off in the long run. 

No matter which of the two models you ultimately choose, you don’t have to compromise on safety. It’s best to try on both harnesses once if possible and then decide which one is the better choice for you.

Attention: You have to take care of your safety when climbing! The information on only helps you to learn. Before you climb, you should make sure that you have been properly instructed by an expert and that you follow all safety precautions.

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