How to Get Better at Rock Climbing? Pro Tipps and Training

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Does Rock Climbing Build Muscle? 💪 Is it a Good Workout?

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Complete Guide: How to Train for Rock Climbing & Bouldering?

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6 Things You MUST Know About Rock Climbing Safety!

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Is Rock Climbing OK while Pregnant? – What to Watch Out For

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Overcoming the Fear of Heights in Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is about reaching the top. But sometimes thoughts only revolve around the opposite, the worst case: the fall into the abyss. A large part of your climbing equipment is designed to make the (unavoidable) fall as safe as possible. Falling while rock climbing is completely normal. But what … Read more

How many Calories does Rock Climbing Burn? Numbers & Tips

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How to Build Grip Strength for Rock Climbing

You can never have too strong hands or fingers when rock climbing. But how do you build up your grip strength for rock climbing? The best training for a stronger grip is, of course, climbing itself. But you can also work on your grip strength or improve your weaknesses between two … Read more