How to Choose Rock Climbing Shoes

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How to Choose a Rock Climbing Harness

Trad Climbing Basics: Guide for Gear, Techniques & TipsFor the most types of climbing, like rock climbing, you need a rock climbing harness. Harnesses are used for both indoor and outdoor climbing, and choosing the proper one is critical to ensure your safety while you climb. The harness is often … Read more

How to Choose a Rock Climbing Rope

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How to Care for your Climbing Rope

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How to Choose a Rock Climbing Helmet

A rock climber’s helmet is one of the many key pieces of equipment to possess, alongside a harness, rock climbing shoes, ropes, etc. The helmet is designed to be used to prevent serious head injuries while out climbing. Similar to a bike helmet, the rock climber’s helmet has several features … Read more

Building a Trad Climbing Rack: Guide + Essential Gear List

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Can I use a Bicycle Helmet as a Climbing Helmet?

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How are Rock Climbing Shoes supposed to Fit?

I remember my first time in the climbing hall. At that time I didn’t have my own climbing shoes and had to borrow some. They asked me about my shoe size and then replied with: “Okay, then two sizes smaller will fit you and don’t worry – they have to … Read more