How to get into Mountaineering: Equipment, Weather, Mindset

This guide is for beginners who want to get to know mountaineering. If you are already an amateur mountaineer, you may be able to pick up a few things about equipment. This guide answers questions about beginner’s mountains, equipment, experience and many other topics related to mountaineering. Getting into mountaineering … Read more

Petzl Tikka vs Tikkina vs Actik: Best Uses & Differences

There are different fields of application for headlamps*. For example, they are used for simple household use such as searching at night or as reading lamps, for late-night walks or jogging in the dark and, of course, professional outdoor headlamps for camping and hiking trips.  In the following guide, three … Read more

Totem Cam vs. Camalot – Which Cam Should You Choose?

The invention of cams was a groundbreaking innovation in climbing – from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. Although high-quality ropes, harnesses and friction climbing shoes had long been available, cams were completely new on the market. It was the time when clean climbing became popular in the USA. … Read more

Black Diamond ATC Guide vs. Petzl Reverso 4 – Comparison

Which is the better belay device? We compare the ATC Guide* of the manufacturer Black Diamond with the Reverso 4* of the manufacturer Petzl.  We have divided the criteria of what makes a good belay device into blocking support, safety reserve, operation to release the rope, operation to release, handling … Read more

Types of Climbing Anchors – List, Benefits & Tips for Use

Climbing anchors are used for securing during climbing and mountaineering. They prevent you from slipping and falling into the depths. Meanwhile, they are available in a wide variety of designs.  It is important that you pay attention to quality when buying anchors – after all, your life depends on their … Read more

Black Diamond Momentum vs Petzl Corax – How to Choose

Bouldering and climbing are regarded as absolute trend sports. In order to practice this sport safely and in the long term, you need the right equipment.  In addition to the climbing helmet and climbing shoes, another piece of equipment is particularly important: a climbing harness that is right for you.  … Read more

Petzl Sama vs Adjama vs Corax vs Sitta | Harness Showdown

Which climbing harness is best for you depends primarily on your individual climbing preferences.  Are you a sport climber who likes to let off steam indoors or outdoors? Then you are well-advised with a hip climbing harness. You have the necessary freedom of movement in the upper part of your … Read more

Is Indoor Rock Climbing Hard? + Beginner Tipps

Indoor sport climbing is difficult, exhausting and challenges you as a person. Maybe you once asked your father, as a child, if driving a car was difficult. Surely he gave you similar answers to a passionate indoor climber would give you today regarding the question formulated in the title. As … Read more