Black Diamond Momentum vs Petzl Corax – How to Choose

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Bouldering and climbing are regarded as absolute trend sports. In order to practice this sport safely and in the long term, you need the right equipment. 

In addition to the climbing helmet and climbing shoes, another piece of equipment is particularly important: a climbing harness that is right for you. 

Whether the Black Diamond Momentum* or the Petzl Corax* suits you better depends solely on your climbing preferences and your climbing style. With both climbing harnesses, you are well served, especially as the quality is very good. 

However, to avoid investing in the wrong harness, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of both climbing harnesses. Climbing is a joy of life and an adventure. But with the right equipment, climbing is twice as much fun.

Short Introduction of the Two Climbing Harnesses

Black Diamond Momentum

  • The Black Diamond Momentum* can be used almost anywhere due to its extremely comfortable fit.
  • The harness is considered one of the most sought-after all-round climbing harnesses on the market.
  • The weight of just 350 grams is a great advantage.
  • The belt has adjustable leg loops.
  • The material as well as the workmanship of the belt fully comply with the high-quality standard of Black Diamond.
  • The four pre-formed material loops are robust, clearly arranged and easily accessible.

You can get the Black Diamond Momentum* in two sizes and can choose between three colors. 

According to users, the Black Diamond climbing harness is quick and easy to use. The wearing comfort is super comfortable and the workmanship makes the harness extremely durable. This is important. If you use the climbing harness often, you will enjoy it for many years due to its durability. 

The equipment of the climbing harness is top and the price-performance ratio is very good.

Tip: If you decide on the Black Diamond Momentum, you should know that it is equally suitable for advanced and beginners. With this climbing harness you can do via ferrata of all degrees of difficulty and types and of course you can also practice indoor climbing as well as realize extensive alpine climbing tours.

Petzl Corax

  • The Petzl Corax* is a popular all-round climbing harness.
  • It adapts well to the body size.
  • Material loops are perfectly positioned.
  • The climbing harness is available in two sizes and in two colors.
  • The load is optimally distributed between hip belt and leg loops.
  • The belt has adjustable leg loops.
  • A Petzl Corax belt weighs 490 grams.

The Petzl Corax* is considered comfortable and practical. You can use it very well for climbing, via ferrata and mountaineering. 

The robust construction of the Petzl Corax allows you to be active in summer as well as in winter. Thanks to the 2 DoubleBack buckles, the belt can be adjusted quickly and centered easily. 

You can adjust the belt easily and comfortably with just one hand. The flexible hip belt is also quick-drying.

Worth knowing – Petzl Corax

The Petzl Corax climbing harness is really easy to use. The workmanship and the equipment are very good due to the high quality. 

Many users even claim that the price-performance ratio is unbeatable. As far as wearing comfort is concerned, you are absolutely on the safe side with this climbing harness from Petzl. 

This top all-round harness combines good, easy and problem-free handling with remarkable durability. The enormous versatility of this harness allows you to do sport climbing, indoor climbing, ice climbing as well as via ferrata.

What Makes a Really Good Climbing Harness?

Before the pros and cons of the two climbing harnesses of Black Diamond and Petzl are shown, you should know some test criteria. The following criteria will give you an idea of what you can expect from a climbing harness and what a harness can offer you.

  1. The price certainly plays a major role in your purchase decision.
  2. A well usable belt should be neither bulky nor too heavy.
  3. A suitable belt should be practical. This means that the individual elements such as leg loops, hip belt, leg loop holder, etc. can be easily adjusted or comfortably adjusted. You should consider the handling and functionality of the harness when choosing the best climbing harness for you.
  4. Freedom of movement and mobility are two essential purchase criteria. You should be able to move easily with the belt and your freedom of movement should not be restricted in any way.
  5. Comfort and safety are of the utmost importance in a climbing harness. Climbing is not without danger. If you pay attention to safety, then you are always right with a quality harness.
  6. The workmanship and material are important aspects that you should never neglect when buying a harness.
  7. The fit of a climbing harness is essential. Because if even a little thing doesn’t fit, it can be extremely annoying when climbing. The risk of injury is also much higher, because the harness can then no longer offer you absolute safety.
  8. Especially the two climbing harnesses of Black Diamond and Petzl are formidably positioned in terms of equipment and range of use.

No matter which belt you finally decide on: The care and cleaning of the harness is important for its durability and your safety. 

Avoid contact with acids and keep your belt well protected. Sunlight and dirt will quickly make your new belt look old in the long run. 

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So after cleaning, hang up your belt in a shady place with a gentle detergent. If you notice signs of age over time, consider buying a new belt. 

The service life of a high-quality climbing harness is five to seven years according to the guidelines of renowned manufacturers. Of course, the intensity and frequency of use also play a major role in this.

Black Diamond Momentum: Advantages and Disadvantages at a Glance


  • The Black Diamond Momentum* is ideal for indoor climbing. 
  • Many users are delighted with the perfectly balanced center of gravity of the belt. 
  • The safe and simple clasp is also convincing. 
  • In the eyes of many buyers, the adjustment on the leg loops is extremely simple, ingenious and quickly done. This is an important detail for many climbers. When abseiling, the harness from the manufacturer Black Diamond sits very comfortably and the material loops also fit very well. 
  • For many users the price-performance ratio is extraordinarily good. 
  • The belt is classified as ultra-light in terms of weight. Nevertheless, the belt also scores in terms of robustness. 
  • The Black Diamond Momentum climbing harness is suitable for beginners as well as for professionals. 
  • The fields of application range from alpine climbing, sport climbing, big wall to indoor climbing. 
  • The climbing harness Black Diamond Momentum is also ideal for somewhat voluminous mountain enthusiasts. It offers high wearing comfort and fits perfectly. 
  • The cool design and the good quality of the material are rated extremely positively by almost all users. 
  • The upper material of the climbing harness Black Diamond Momentum is breathable.


  • The opinions of the users often differ. Some buyers complain that the Black Diamond belt is rather difficult to adjust and that the material loops are clearly too small. 
  • Some customers tend to describe the climbing harness from the manufacturer Black Diamond as asymmetrical. 
  • For some users the cut is considered bad and the lasts are a bit too clumsy. 
  • Furthermore, the climbing harness Black Diamond Momentum is not really suitable for climbers with really wide feet. 
  • The climbing harness from Black Diamond is also not really ideal for friction climbing. 
  • Some buyers also criticize that the buckle is a bit more difficult to open compared to other climbing harnesses.

Petzl Corax: Advantages and Disadvantages at a Glance

When buying a climbing harness it is an advantage for you to take customer reviews into account. But not all customers feel the same way about the benefits of a climbing harness. 


  • Almost all customers praise the many adjustment options of the Petzl Corax climbing harness. 
  • The harness can therefore also be adjusted well for somewhat fuller and very thin climbers. 
  • Many buyers are enthusiastic about the wearing comfort of the Petzl Corax. 
  • According to many passionate and experienced climbers, it is extremely comfortable. 
  • The climbing harness receives good ratings, because the harness does not pinch at any point. 
  • In addition, the belt does not rub against the clothing or the skin. 
  • Many users are completely psyched about the practical and at the same time simple design of the Petzl Corax climbing harness. 
  • Furthermore, almost all customers are convinced of the wearing comfort of the belt from Petzl.


When buying a climbing harness it is important that the size is right. It is quite possible that the climbing harness does not fit 100%. 

For this reason, some buyers complain that the manufacturer should rather offer three different sizes instead of two. It is quite possible that neither of the two climbing harness sizes offered will fit perfectly.

Some Information about the two Manufacturers Black Diamond and Petzl

You should also know some information about the respective manufacturer when it comes to climbing harnesses. Quality, safety and comfort are the main focus here. 

Only if you are well equipped can you concentrate on the essentials of climbing. You are in good hands with both manufacturers, because both Black Diamond and Petzl guarantee you top climbing harnesses.

Black Diamond

The company is from Utah. The company history began in the late 1950s. The origins of the company lie in climbing. 

But when it comes to hiking, mountaineering and climbing, the American company can inspire with additional equipment. The manufacturer radiates a real mountain sports spirit. 

Hardly any other company offers climbing enthusiasts a wider range of products for use on ice and rock. Recalls are not uncommon with modern climbing equipment, but not at Black Diamond. 

There is a reason for this: the quality of the climbing equipment is almost legendary. The idea of quality is firmly anchored in the company’s philosophy and the manufacturer spares no effort to sell only high-quality climbing products. 

Black Diamond* has been the right contact for enthusiastic mountaineers and climbers for many decades.


The company was founded in 1975 in France. The company is located in Crolles, a town near the city of Grenoble. Two years later Petzl produced the first belt. 

In mountain sports, the Petzl* brand stands for top quality. The products meet the highest quality standards and that is why they are so popular with climbers. 

The French supplier covers many areas of climbing with its wide range of products. The manufacturer Petzl also focuses on comfort and safety with its climbing harnesses. 

At Petzl you can find climbing harnesses in different designs and much more for your optimal climbing equipment.            

Attention: You have to take care of your safety when climbing! The information on only helps you to learn. Before you climb, you should make sure that you have been properly instructed by an expert and that you follow all safety precautions.

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