How Much Weight & Falls Can A Rock Climbing Rope Hold?

This question sounds simple. But it is not, because the answer must point to limiting factors.  People’s lives are hanging on the climbing rope. Irrespective of their body weight, parameters such as rope thickness, rope age, wear and tear, number of falls caught and improper use determine how much weight … Read more

Alpine Climbing vs Mountaineering – What is the Difference?

The most striking common feature between alpine climbing and mountaineering is that they are often thrown into the same pot as bouldering. In fact, however, they are different activities that can be distinguished quite well. One could consider indoor or outdoor bouldering as a preliminary exercise for outdoor climbing – … Read more

Rock Climbing vs Bouldering – Short and Detailed Answer!

Everyone knows what “climbing” is. Whether you climb a tree or a wall or go mountain climbing or indoor climbing: Everyone can at least imagine something about it. But not only the classical climbing with karabiner and rope belongs to the generic term “climbing”, but also bouldering. Although climbing is … Read more

How to Tell if a Rope is Static or Dynamic? Guide + Images

You can use two different types of rope for climbing and mountaineering: static*, and dynamic climbing ropes*. Knowing the difference – and taking into account the associated uses – is the first step towards accident-free climbing. If you use the wrong ropes, the results could be fatal in an accident. … Read more

Rock Climbing Finger Taping 🖐 How To & Best Finger Tapes

In many sports, both the skin of the fingers and the finger joints are heavily stressed. That’s why tapes are used for climbing. Taping is a somewhat newer technique. You can ultimately tape every muscle and every joint. This gives you the necessary stability in your muscles and joints in … Read more

How to Make Rock Climbing Shoes Sticky Again – All Methods

Constant friction, pressure or small twisting movements on the rock put a lot of strain on climbing shoes on the sole. For this reason alone, it is worth equipping yourself with high-quality climbing shoes whose rubber compounds are more durable than others. There is one thing a passionate climber cannot … Read more

Rock Climbing with Gloves 🔥 The Best Ones & Buying Guide

If you have fun climbing and you like to spend your time on the rock or in the climbing gym, you should take care of your fingers! Your fingers are challenged when climbing in different ways. If you cling to rough cliffs, climb to dizzying heights on sharp-edged cliffs, or … Read more

Do You Wear Socks With Rock Climbing Shoes? – It depends…

The question of whether you should wear your climbing shoes with or without socks is not easy to answer. Several factors play a role in the answer. Relevant questions are, for example, the type of climbing shoes, the place of climbing, the chosen material or certain circumstances that make the … Read more

How to Stretch Out Climbing Shoes 👉 Step-by-Step Guide

Rock climbing shoes are made for tightly gripping as you ascend up the rocks. There are different climbing shoe types, features, and fits, but the fact remains that these shoes will always fit your foot somewhat snugly. However, if you find yourself getting bunions, blisters, and bruises, then there are … Read more

Does Rock Climbing Build Muscle? 💪 Is it a Good Workout?

Most people in today’s times often struggle with achieving their ideal body. It can be difficult to build muscle, and some don’t really prefer to use traditional weights or bench presses. Outdoor activities like rock climbing can quickly replace that and are often much better alternatives to gaining muscle. So … Read more