What to Wear When Rock Climbing Indoors – Examples & Basics

You want to climb in a climbing gym and ask yourself what you should wear? In principle, it’s quite simple. For the first few sessions, normal sportswear is perfect for climbing indoors. Your clothes should not restrict your freedom of movement or get tangled up in ropes. Men usually wear … Read more

How to Clean Rock Climbing Shoes: Wash & Care Guide

A good, reliable pair of climbing shoes is essential when climbing. Very worn out climbing shoes can be slippery and no longer offer you a good grip. Since it is not easy to find the perfect climbing shoe, you should take care of your climbing shoes so that they last … Read more

Climbing Weight Difference: How to Belay a Heavier Climber

If the climber is considerably heavier than the belayer, there are some problems. The most obvious of course is the catching of a fall. With such a weight ratio, a fall can lead to dangerous situations: The belayer lifts off the ground and loses control of the climbing rope. If … Read more

Is Rock Climbing Dangerous? Statistics & How to Climb Safe

Is climbing dangerous? Yeah, absolutely. Every time you climb you can hurt yourself or even die. But the latter is extremely unlikely and should not stop you from climbing! So that you can better assess the danger, I will illuminate the five most common causes of death when climbing and … Read more

Rock Climbing Equipment List. What Gear do I Need to Start?

Rock climbing requires a lot of equipment if you want to protect yourself against falling. In addition to the standard equipment such as the climbing rope, helmet, and harness, you will also need other things such as quickdraws, lockable carabiners and a belay device. So that you don’t lose the … Read more

Am I too Heavy for Rock Climbing? Do I Weigh Too Much?

Everyone knows – you don’t do any sport for a while and the pounds multiply by themselves. But you can still go climbing! You don’t have to be super fit and well trained to climb. As long as you get up a ladder, you can climb! During training in the … Read more

Am I too Old for Rock Climbing? Is there an Age Limit?

Are you too old to climb? Probably not! Climbing is a rather slow sport, which is about technique and strategy and not about pure muscle power or endurance. As long as you are not over 70, climbing should be no problem, otherwise in good health. Interestingly, however, mostly 30-40 year-olds … Read more

Climbing Equipment Care and Maintenance Guide

Climbing equipment is expensive. With the right care, inspection, storage and transport, you can achieve the maximum lifespan of your equipment. Every part of your climbing equipment undergoes a rigorous testing process to ensure that it serves its purpose in an emergency and that you can rely on it 100 … Read more

When to Retire Climbing Gear

As a climber, you need to know when to replace your gear, as it is your life insurance on the rock. Most climbing accidents are due to improper use of climbing equipment or the use of damaged or old equipment. In this article, you will learn everything you need to … Read more