Is Rock Climbing OK while Pregnant? – What to Watch Out For

Most people think that once you get pregnant, you have to kiss your rock climbing days goodbye, at least temporarily. This couldn’t be further from the truth, though, especially for women who already rock climb regularly. While you may need to make some tweaks and changes during your pregnancy, there … Read more

How to Cut Climbing Rope – 4 Easy Steps & Helpful Tips

Climbing ropes are stressed the most at their ends. There most of the friction is caused by carabiners and usually, this is where the first damage occurs. Especially when lead climbing, where the climbing rope is always hooked into the next carabiner, damage occurs extra quickly, as the rope has … Read more

Overcoming the Fear of Heights in Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is about reaching the top. But sometimes thoughts only revolve around the opposite, the worst case: the fall into the abyss. A large part of your climbing equipment is designed to make the (unavoidable) fall as safe as possible. Falling while rock climbing is completely normal. But what … Read more

Can I use a Bicycle Helmet as a Climbing Helmet?

As a beginner, you are often faced with the problem of not owning every part of an ideal climbing equipment. This is especially noticeable if you have only been in a climbing hall and now want to go outside. An important piece of equipment that is not needed in a … Read more

Why are Nylon Ropes used in Rock Climbing?

Nowadays rock climbing ropes are elastic and do not snap when used correctly. This has not always been the case. Until the 1950s/60s rock climbing ropes were mostly made of hemp or other non-elastic fibers. At that time there was one rule for rock climbing: Don’t fall! A rope that … Read more

How are Rock Climbing Shoes supposed to Fit?

I remember my first time in the climbing hall. At that time I didn’t have my own climbing shoes and had to borrow some. They asked me about my shoe size and then replied with: “Okay, then two sizes smaller will fit you and don’t worry – they have to … Read more

How many Calories does Rock Climbing Burn? Numbers & Tips

Climbing is a full body workout and can be very strenuous. Climbing a wall requires a lot of strength, endurance, technique, persistence and above all grip strength. For beginners, even a slow pace is demanding. People new to climbing notice muscles the next day they never knew before. But how … Read more

How to Build Grip Strength for Rock Climbing

You can never have too strong hands or fingers when rock climbing. But how do you build up your grip strength for rock climbing? The best training for a stronger grip is, of course, climbing itself. But you can also work on your grip strength or improve your weaknesses between two … Read more

How to Make Liquid Chalk – Easy Recipe

I have very wet hands by nature and therefore I need a good layer of chalk (= magnesium carbonate) on my hands before climbing. Especially when it gets warm I sometimes can’t keep up with the dry chalk or I don’t want to reach into the bag all the time … Read more